Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to the internet and bluegreen!

Everyday nations fight over valuable resources on our beloved planet but what happens when there's nothing to fight over anymore? Then mankind shall press forward into space where a new planet rich in resources is plump for the picking.
In the game Massive War made by Belugerin games Earth has been sucked dry and although colonies were established on Mars and Pluto it only caused humanity to split into three factions fighting over a new planet with similar topography to Earth before it was resource dead. On the planet "Bluegreen" you play as a commander of one of the three factions fighting for control of Bluegreen using careful troop selection and spending upgrades appropriately.
The interesting part of this game is that each faction has very similar units due to them all being humans originally from Earth but the small differences are made only by less than 100 years of adapting to the new environments each faction controls. The Earth army has some of the most technologically advanced weapons in the game thanks to any reserves of resources they pumped out of Earth to fight on Bluegreen. The Mars army has been forced to adapt to the harsh conditions on their planet and as a result have the toughest and roughest troops available. The Pluto army has been so far away from the Sun that they began to mutate in strange ways even to the point of gaining almost psychic powers.If I could pick three armies that appear in RTS games and WWII alternate future theories that are represented in Massive War it would be the US showing off their big guns as Earth, Soviet-era Russia toppling out against big odds and surviving the harsh conditions of the Motherland, and Pluto, although not representative of any one country, could possibly just represent any army that made use of biological warfare and more specifically chemicals(almost like the GLA from Generals)All in all it's a quickie, addicting to play, and the pixel style art makes it run smooth on any computer without you paying a penny.