Monday, September 22, 2008

Video game review

Recently, it seems rhythm games have been quite popular. For a while now I've had my eye on "Patapon" for the PSP. The game is about a tribe of primitive creatures known as Patapons who worship a being known as "The great Patapon" or Kami. In the game you play as Kami and start the game off looking at a stranded patapon in the desert. He's stranded and about to give up all hope when he hears the sound of drums coming from the heavens(basically this is how you communicate to them). Using a combination of the square and circle buttons to play drum beats in the correct rhythm you command the patapons to perform various actions such as moving forward, attacking enemies, defending, and running away. Once out of the desert you soon learn that the Patapons have not had the best of luck. Their entire tribe was exiled by their enemies the Zigatons. Throughout the game you command the patapons through the use of drums and music allowing them to strategically take down the Zigaton army. Compared to many other games I've played, Patapon is by far one of the most innovative and unique games I have played in a long time. The music is cheerful and enjoyable, game play keeps you on your toes, and the graphics are a nice sight to see such as bright colors scrolling across the screen during fever mode and the game in general gives you a great sense of accomplishment after every mission. If you own a PSP and are looking for a fun rhythm game with plenty of action then go pick up Patapon right now.

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