Friday, July 31, 2009

Ummm kirby?

Yeah well I've been playing lots of video games but can't decide between Kirby and Master Chief so I'll write about both. First off we all know the lovable little pink alien blob known as Kirby and his special ability to absorb enemy powers. An old dusty game I pulled out the closet was titled Kirby:and the Crystal shards. As far as I know it may be the only decent N64 game in my closet and is basically a 3-d side scrolling adventure with our favorite little Kirby. The unique parts of this game are that Kirby can now use not one but two enemy powers. By combining one power with another you can get endless possibilities or you can stack two of the same power to create a super powerful version of one single power. If any of you still have a N64 working then I must recommend this game for anyone with a platforming/Kirby deficiency. If old retro ain't for you then I can also prescribe a game that all Xbox owners have played at least once. I'm talking of course about Halo:combat evolved.

I can never get enough of a good storyline but this game just throws the best game storytelling had at my face in a first-person perspective. Set in a not too distant future Humanity has accomplished great task including Artificial intelligence, Super human cyborgs, and interstellar space travel. Along with all these fancy new gizmo at mankind's arsenal comes along the one thing every ten-year old kid predicted for space, Aliens. However to make matters worse these are indeed the mean, ugly, laser shooting aliens in every good action sci-fi shooter. Even worse for the humans are the fact that they face a whole United Force of multiple alien races all itching to exterminate humans from the entire galaxy.

You begin the game as a Super Human Cyborg known only as Master Chief who has been frozen for years after years until being awakened to defend against the aliens as humanity's last hope. With his super human reflexes, endurance, quick thinking, and natural leadership, Master Chief quickly rallies the humans back into the fight and onto the war against the Alien races known as the Covenant. After a quick escape from Covenant spaceships, Master Chief and a few human survivors find themselves stranded on a Large Ring world known as Halo. After progressing so far into the game you soon learn that your not alone on this planet as you are attacked by zombie like creatures who attack relentlessly until you are saved by a group of floating laser shooting machines who introduce the zombies as the Flood and tell you that the only way to stop them is to activate Halo. Once you reach the inside of Halo though you learn that activating Halo will not just stop the flood but destroy all Sentient life in the entire galaxy. Not agreeing to this plan Master Chief makes an alternative by destroying Halo through some crazy action filled cutscenes and escapes at the last minute like any hero would.

In order to fill in anymore space for this post and waste anymore of your "precious" time I've taken the liberty to celebrate the second coming of Starcraft aka "Starcraft 2" by opting in for blizzard's free beta testing(anyone that has a game by blizzard can join, just google battlenet). Not sure why but Real-time-strategies never seem as awesome until there in space.

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