Monday, October 27, 2008


By now everyone has probably already heard about the one of the newest editions to the Nintendo Wii, the Wii fit. When everyone first saw the Wii we already thought of the idea that it was interactive gaming to a new level. However this isn't anything new, in fact video games and interaction have been around for a very long time. In fact the game "Duck Hunt" for the NES included the plastic hunting rifle, "Time Crisis" has always used their ever popular "Light Gun" in arcades. One idea of interactive gaming more modern but not strange is excersise. When we think of video games we think of lazy, laid-back, or even addicted people with unhealthy habbits. So when the game "Dance Dance Revolution" by Konami became popular in the United States of America most steryotypes didn't know what to expect.

Since the release of "Guitar Hero" for the PS2 & Xbox DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) has started to lose it's popularity among gamers. So excersise games were out and music was in. Now however Nintendo plans on turning that around with the Wii fit. Basically it's a mat that uses the Wii's sensor bar to allow various excersises. Now people may ask, "why would companies do this?". One good reason would be to give video games a better reputation. Death has been a huge topic lately in video games. Many critics of video games often say that video games are unhealthy, teach kids bad morals, and people who play video games are genarally lazy. So in conclusion I salute Nintendo and the Wii Fit for changing the view on video games.

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