Friday, October 17, 2008

Innovation in video games

If your a fan of the stealth genre video games then you need to get a copy of Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation. Not only did it have a number of beautiful music pieces and great storyline but any fan of Metal Gear Solid knows about the number of tricks and new ideas that were placed in the game. One most famous one is the boss battle against "Psycho Mantis". In the game, Psycho Mantis has the ability to read minds, control weak minded, and the power of telekinesis (The power to move objects with one's thought). Due to his ability to read the main character's thought your weapons and anything else you can throw at him are completely useless, example if you shoot at him he'll simple predict your move and dodge it. If you keep on losing the boss battle about 5 times then you'll get advice via codec to plug the controller into the second controller port (I'm not kidding!). Here's one of the hardest boss battles in the game reduced to a simple repetitive strategy and timing thanks to the second player controller port.

Creative boss battles didn't end there for MGS though. In the third installment of the series "Metal Gear solid 3:Snake Eater" the protagonist of the series is pitted against a fictional sniper of great skill simply known as "The End". In most games we try and find a weakness in a boss. "Does he have a repetitive strategy?", "does he ever leave himself open?" However this particular one is a little beyond that. The boss's weakness ended up being that he is old. In fact the boss is so old that in an earlier cutscene he is being pushed in a wheelchair and gamers actually have the option of taking him out right there. That's right here's a game where the protaginist, the symbol of heroes and justice, has the option of defeating a defenseless crippled man. However if you don't choose this way you can always fight him the old fashioned way. The third and final way to defeat the boss was to simple save the game and wait one entire week(or set the PS2's clock 7 days ahead) and upon loading the saved game the player will find that the boss simply died of old age. If that is not genius then I just give up trying to convince you. Otherwise I reccommend you convince your parents to let you get this game or get it the moment you turn 18 because it is simply brilliant.

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