Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Lately the Internet has been crammed with a whole bunch of strange websites and content that in brutal honesty, the world might be better without. Fortunately most of these don't get to popular to appear on your search engines or flooding your e-mail accounts. Some people may argue whether a website is good or not since opinions always vary. Newer versions of Mozilla Firefox include page rankings for each website on a 1-10 scale (1=worst,10=best). Sites like Google, Myspace, and Youtube have a relatively high score while http://lolcats.com/ was given a smaller score as a "Page of importance". With all these opinions over Myspace vs. Facebook or Yahoo vs. AIM who's to say what would be a better use of your time? If your smart you'd say going outside, but otherwise the choice is all yours after all the internet can be a wonderful thing if used correctly.

Today I'm going to look at one of the things on the internet that went right. http://fighunter.com/ ,Created by Pseudolonewolf, is a website with mostly flash games(a form of online game often found online using Macromedia Flash). The website mostly consists of RPG's so would be a must for any RPG nerd. Unknown to most of the public for a long time Fighunter.com(named after one of the first games on the website) didn't become popularly known among the internet-savy until the release of it's game SMECOF, a side scrolling shooter game with RPG elements. Of all of Pseudolonewolf's games(all created by himself)SMECOF is by far the most original on the website. Most previous games use similar elements of all other RPG games such as Warriors,Mages using Fire, water, lightning, MP, HP etc. SMECOF steers away from the classic RPG genre and brings us into an extremely advanced star system with ongoing struggles caused by the deadly Cyber Orteks(Dragon shaped cyber beings). Another theme setting this game apart is the fact that you play the role of one of the Cyber Orteks terrorizing the Draco System rather than playing as a typical hero trying to save to world.

With every one of his games being unique with in-depth story lines, self-composed music, and many in-game jokes revolving around several subjects Fighunter stands out as one of the most brilliant websites out there and definitely deserves more popularity and support among the world.

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