Friday, January 9, 2009

Bombs vs rollerskates?

Quite some time ago I posted a blog on Metal Gear Solid and since then my friend has taken interest in it. After playing halfway through the first game he enjoyed very much he's become quite the fan of the series just as I am. Every now and then we even discuss some aspects of the game and one day he reminded me of one of the most random things in the game that I nearly forgot. In the sequel "MGS2:Sons of Liberty" one of the bosses you face is an explosive expert called "Fatman" who fights with a sub-machine gun, c4, and roller skates. As ridiculous as the idea may seem during the fight the roller skates did help Fatman move around the area very swiftly during the fight and since he wears a bullet-proof blast suit the only way to damage him was to get close enough to hit his unprotected head(Becomming difficult since the roller skates.) It may seem even more ridiculous with his name being Fatman and he is quite the large character(though not per-say obese). After some research I found that it wasn't quite a ridiculous name since Fatman was also the codename for the atomic bomb dropped on Nagisaki. So Fatman uses bombs, he's named after a bomb, and he uses roller skates in deadly combat. Most ridiculous idea ever or best boss in the game:)

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