Friday, April 3, 2009

Fight for glory

Whenever we watch a movie or play a game, there's always a clear difference between the good guys and bad guys. The bad guys are always sinister, mean, and cold. The good guys will be all bright, kind, with a strong sense of justice. So, what do we do when the line is harder to draw between the two? This can be answered with yet another video game review! Once and underground series, Killzone had risen to popularity among gamers with the release of Killzone 2 for the PS3. Now unlike my previous reviews of M-Rated games, I would not recommend this at all for underage gamers due to unbelievably foul language worse than South Park. However The story is one that must be shown to any global ed, diplomat, or high school student. Basically you have to sides. The Interplanetary Strategic Allience(ISA) and the Helghast. The Helghast are a race of humans who colonized the planet Helghan long ago. Before they were human, but after years of mutating on the harsh environment of Helghan, they have grown pale skin, have no hair, larger than humans, and can only breathe through special gas masks that simulate the air found on their home planet. The ISA on the other hand consist of regular Humans(with the exception of a few Helghast spies). The conflict starts from years of oppression from humans and eventually the Helghast get tired of being shunned, and looked down upon. A Helghast by the name of Scolar Visari decides to take advantage of the angry Helghast people and rallies the whole planet to wage war against the humans. In the game you play as a human working for the ISA and throughout the game you form a team with two humans and a half human-half Helghast spy. The entire game has you fighting hundreds of Helghast troops and every encounter depicts the Helghast as evil, nasty, and souless. My favorite character in this game would have to be Hakha, the human-Helghast spy. Upon meeting him he is disliked by the human character Rico. Rico had earlier lost his whole platoon to the Helghast and hates them more than anything else in the world. By the end of the game Rico and Hakha gain a respect for each other.

Aside from Hakha most Helghast seem evil but cutscenes reveil that Hakha has a family on Helghan who all hate him for betraying their people. Hakha's brother however looked up to him and praised him as a hero until he was killed for his outcries. Just the fact that two Helghast were able to stand up to the oppressive government means that the Helghast are not souless monsters but people with lives and families. The Helghast are not evil, they simply want equal rights with the humans. The only evil in the game would be Visari, who took advantage of the situation and used it to gain power.

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