Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mad Mad Mario

On the Internet you will see many things, but if there is one thing I hope you don't have to see till your 18 it may be the flash video Mad Mad Mario. I'll spare you the details of the video, and why I saw it, and why this blog hasn't been updated weekly like I promised. I will however give you some insight into what I thought of the video and how it made me think about Mario's whole plumber for life deal.
Mad Mad Mario basically is Mario finally getting fed up with saving princess peach time after time again so he decides not to put up with bowser anymore and basically walks out of bowser's castle after a very loud scene involving some colorful vocabulary. Mario mentions that Peach has been kidnapped multiple times now and is sick of killing so many turtles on his quest.

I really did realize that Bowser, Peach, or any mario character should have seen this coming for a while. While Mario is just doing what he's gotta do, I'm sure he would eventually get fed up with destroying multiple castles, fortresses, and bosses only to find that princess peach is in some other castle.

The main point of this message should be that nobody should overwork themselves and if they do, they should try and express it.(perhaps in all that jumping and exercising mario gets done when he stomps on goombas.)

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